What is ad:tech?

Ad:tech is a two day conference and expo that showcases the forefront of innovation across the marketing, media, and technology world. Tour the massive exhibition floor and take in the huge variety of future-forward sessions and speakers.

From powerful emerging start-ups and hands-on exhibitors to pioneering speakers and action-driven attendees, ad:tech provides the tools and knowledge necessary for lasting success in today’s dynamic digital world.

Ad:tech believes in the power of ideas - what we can imagine and then make real. It combines wisdom and insights from across industries to drive positive and powerful progress. This combination places you at the forefront of innovation and change by encompassing trends and impacts far beyond advertising alone. Surround yourself with this unparalleled energy and discover how one event can leave an impact on everyday.

The Post-Advertising Era has forced the one-dimensional content strategies of the past to the wayside as customers demand a new level of personal and meaningful interactions with brands. Discover how new technologies and creative thinking across Cause Marketing, Content Automation, Influencer Marketing, Mobile, Video, Social, and more are helping marketers adapt to the new era of digital-first customers.
As powerful innovations in Virtual and Augmented Reality, Wearable Technology, Connected Devices and more begin to take hold in this transformative era, marketers are tasked with finding bold new ways to not only get their customers attention, but deliver a precise and meaningful experience. ad:tech’s expansive expo floor gives you the opportunity to get hands-on with the innovative technology and tools helping redefine marketing communication.
Dynamic, connected, and demanding, today’s digital-first customers represent both complex challenges and massive opportunities for the modern marketer. ad:tech San Diego looks to help marketers understand their customers on a personal level and drive more valuable marketing efforts. Join us and explore how innovations in Data Management, Customer Identity, Data Analytics, Customer Attribution, and more are empowering the customers and revolutionizing the customer journey.