Innovation in the Post-Advertising Era


ad:tech San Diego will focus on the digital-first nature of The Post-Advertising Era in three distinct categories: Customer, Content, and Channels and combine the three to showcase the brightest marketing innovations of today and tomorrow.

The demand for personalized, meaningful engagement has inspired a wave of digital-first marketing strategies backed by a powerful array of marketing technologies. This shift is the focal point of the Post-Advertising Era as we explore the tools and trends across IoT, VR/AR, Financial Tech, Social Media, Cause Marketing, Data Analytics, and more, which allow savvy marketers to thrive in this transformative time.
The Power of Technology
The Post-Advertising Era is driven by the power of technology. As marketing innovations continue to connect people around the globe to more information and new channels of communication, marketers must adapt to a newly empowered consumer who demands a new level of direct and valuable connection from brands.