Kevin Ferguson & Eric Jacks
Director of Sales and Business Development for and Eric Jacks, Chief Strategy Officer for Collab. Hear them explain what is and how it's gaining more and more momentum in the social media world.
Guy Primus
Founder & CEO of The Virtual Reality Company. Listen to Guy talk about his love for tech growing up and how he got into VR. He discusses where he sees the industry going and explains the many benefits of immersing yourself into it.
Anis Uzzaman
CEO of Fenox Venture Capital. Anis talks about the Start Up World Cup and why he started it. It has been a huge success so far and with a $1million prize for the winner, a lot of great start up companies have put themselves in the mix!
Sarah Fay
Managing Director of Glasswing Ventures. Sarah reflects on her experiences at ad:tech, the new branding and how the industry is moving and changing.
Stefan Tornquist
VP of Research for eConsultancy. Stefan talks of his research work at eConsultancy and trends within the markets.
Allison Dollar
CEO of Interactive Television Alliance. Allison talks about the worrying factors within the industry.
Doug Weaver
Founder & CEO of Upstream. Doug speaks about the trends and changes. A veteran of the industry, Doug shares his thoughts and insights on what he feels the younger generation need to be doing to be successful in today's industry.
Kevin Ryan
CEO of Motivity Marketing. Kevin speaks about his past involvement with ad:tech, his work at motivity marketing, his new book and how he tries his best to be a thought leader.
Michael Hyman
SVP at AOL. Michael chats with Kendall Allen about his work at AOL and what they're currently doing.
Melody Gambino
Director of US Marketing at GrapeShot. Melody talks about her experience in the ad:tech industry. Her work at Grapeshot and the interesting work they're doing.
Blake Rockwell
Founder of Special Spectators. Blake discusses the successful impact Special Spectators has had on the children and their family's. He explains what they've accomplished so far and what the future plans are for the non profit organization.
Amanda Forgione
Hear from Amanda Forgione, Marketing Director of 614 Group tell us more about 614 Groups role with ad:tech, their upcoming conference and the great things they're doing within the industry.
Nathan Lindberg
Kendall Allen sits down with Nathan Lindberg of Twitch TV. They dive into how they were recently acquired by Amazon. Their partnerships with major brands and how live streaming is helping push the company to new boundaries.
Andrew Theodore
Lori H Schwartz sits down with Founder & CEO of Social Vend, Andrew Theodore. They divulge into the physical rewards of using Social Vend, no longer does your social content get unnoticed and whats coming up next for the social titan!
Mike Gameroff
Kendall Allen chats with SVP of Sito Mobile, Mike Gameroff. Mike gives us precious insight as to what key difference Sito Mobile are doing to give them the edge over their competitors.
Paul Whitney
Executive Producer at Blue Media, Paul Whitney, tells us about their work with Fortune 500 companies with the amazing 3D dome which is capturing peoples' attention around the globe. Blue Media use VR technology, without the need of the headset!
Scot McLernon
Scot McLernon CRO/EVP of YuMe and a Board of Governor at ad:tech goes in depth about his amazing experiences over the years. Whats changed, what he likes to see and much more!
Michael Terpin
Founder & CEO of Transform Group, Michael Terpin explains the future of Bitcoin & how Blockchain has been so useful.
Mark Kapczynski
Lori H. Schwartz sits down Executive Committee member of UCLA Venture Capital Fund, Mark Kapczynski tell us about his speaking session "Where's the puck heading" and his panel's discussions on who's investing in the mar:tech and ad:tech industry.
Tom Goodwin
EVP Innovation for Zenith Media
Dan Slivjanovvski
CMO for RythmOne
Tami Kelly
VP, Account Management and Operations for Qualia Media
Darren Marble
CEO of CrowdfundX
Walt Horstman
President of Audience Xpress
Dave Smith
CEO of Mediasmith
Joe Lavan
VP of data and insights from NetMining
Steve Latham
GM of Encore by FlashTalking
Chris Pfaff
CEO of Tech Media LLC